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Viscount Liddo is Viscount Calah's predecessor in the government, originally elected in 1191 A.D., he was responsible for enacting the legislation for the banishment for all Power users. He was later succeeded by Calah after the public came aware of his affair with a young Tinsel Nanaja.





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Toll Wars

In 1191 A.D., Liddo was elected to be Viscount of Andurana, with his campaign involving extolling the plight of the underprivileged, and the moral imperative for Central City intervention. His work included enacting various government programs that would cure poverty and a "social improvement" tax. To ensure people wouldn't be hurt by the use of Powers, he pushed up legislation to allow police and shock troopers to increase hiring rates and step up on preventing crime. In addition, criminals would not be imprisoned but be put through rehabilitation, which inadvertently increased crime. He also pushed media to enforce anti-Power messages to ensure children don't use them.

In 1198 A.D. he would be re-elected (by a small margin) as a result of media usage to get across the terrors of what would happen if federal initiatives withdrawn, that the government was an essential part of the city to function. His re-election also proved that data scrolls were becoming more mainstream in what they can broadcast. Over the year he would continue pushing for safer upbringings for the people and even revalued the city currency, Lucre, to adjust for lack of funds. This would eventually cause businesses and merchants to become disenfranchised and disinclined to partake of the patronizingly sanctimonious federal poverty benefits. This lead to them leaving the city and being dubbed bandits, who supposedly lead an attack on a Fallguard tournament in 1201 A.D. which lead to many dead and causing Liddo to enact on a Power ban.[1]



Ms. Muliebral explains to Lilith about Liddo's affair with Tinsel and how Tinsel used it to get into the music industry.

In 1212 A.D., Liddo was known to have an affair with a 17 year-old Tinsel Nanaja. Before he could end it, she went to the media to expose him. This allowed Calah, who had been campaigning using a more family-friendly approach, to succeed him by a landslide.


  • The affair between Liddo and Tinsel could be an indirect reference to President Bill Clinton's sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky, due to David Lillie growing up during Clinton's terms in office and his own personal view of American politicians.


  1. Toll Wars


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