The Wayward Astronomer

Geoffrey Thomas

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Corvus Publishing LLC (main)

Vivid Publishing (collaboration)

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The Wayward Astronomer is an upcoming novel based within the world of Dreamkeepers, focusing on a Dreamkeeper named Hal Adhil as he goes in search of a fallen meteorite.


The Wayward Astronomer was originally a fan-story by Geoffrey Thomas (Kafelnikov), created March of 2011, that could be found on DeviantArt. The author eventually began a Kickstarter to have the story become a novel and it received backing from the creators of Dreamkeepers, David and Liz Lillie, which ended it being fully funded. Because of the attention and support by them it can be considered an expansion to the Dreamkeepers universe.

The storyline of The Wayward Astronomer is parallel to the events of the graphic novel saga with an original cast of characters.

According to updates on the Kickstarter project page, The Wayward Astronomer will be an illustrated novel featuring interior artwork for each chapter produced by David Lillie.[1]


Given the dates shown in the criminal lineup print,[2] the story appears to take place about a year before the events of the Dreamkeepers Graphic Novel Saga, as that is set in the year 1227 while the Wayward Astronomer is set in 1226.


Differences from Original Story

At this time, apart from minor changes in character designs, it's not known what sort of changes, if any, will be made when adapted in novel form. Any noticeable change will be noted sometime after publication.

Image Gallery

  • Promotional poster artwork
  • Interior artwork
  • Kickstarter art print #1
  • Kickstarter art print #2


  • As the project was successfully funded through Kickstarter, this is the first original story to receive official publication by the original author's publishing company, and through the creators of Dreamkeepers.
    • It is also the first original story to be considered canon to the Dreamkeepers' universe.
  • Hal Adhil has a cameo appearance on page 21 of Dreamkeepers GNS Volume 4


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