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The Messenger


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First Appearance

Volume 4, Chapter 12, Pg. 97

"The Messenger" is an avatar-like apparition that appears before Mace in the caves deep underground. The Messenger informs Mace of his destiny before disappearing as mysteriously as it appeared.


With its first appearance, the Messenger is quite obviously a spiritual entity. Appearing humanoid in nature with a mask-like face and two arms, but no lower torso. The spirit wears a cloak around its body. Strange bands of light can be seen shooting out from its chest like tentacles. A large bushel of leaves made of light hover behind it. The spirit possessed a halo, but was far different from the typical halo. While normal halos are simple, circular bands of light and color, the spirit's halo has spikes of light jutting up from the halo's base form; giving the implication that the spirit may be a Dreamkeeper of divine status.



SpoilersIncoming HOLD IT, reading powers are restricted beyond this point!

This article contains actual spoilers from both GNS and Prelude that may reveal major plot points and hidden character information. If you wish to be saved from the nightmarish reveals, tread carefully and read at your own risk!

Volume 4

Chapter 12

After Mace is flung into a cave from an explosion caused by Bast's Power, he is met by a Spirit, telling him that it was a "messenger". The Messenger goes on to reveal to Mace that he possessed the "Power of the Ages", a Power granted only to one. The Messenger instructs Mace to proceed to the island of Logos, where the people there would guide him to the Relic of Eresh-Kigal; the key to unlocking his sacred Power. As the Messenger begins to vanish into thin air, Mace tries to get more answers from it, but it simply orders him to find the Relic and warns him that if he fails, everyone that Mace loves will die.



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