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Volume 3 (Chapter 7)

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Stiletto is a Tower Guard working at Sabatton Towers.


Stiletto is based on a secretary bird and a rather tall individual. Her head feathers burst out when excited.

Stiletto wears the standard white and red Tower Guard uniform whilst sporting a a gun holster for in case of any intrusion or if an escape is occurring.


As a Tower Guard, Stiletto was very strict when it came to having Lilith and Namah following orders from their father. She took her position very seriously and showed no tolerance to either of them when they started disobeying. She was shown to even use force by means of sedation, however when enraged enough she ended up using her Power despite that being against the rules of society.

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Volume 3

Chapter 7

After Lilith and Namah fail to convince their father of Tinsel's wrongdoings, Stiletto was tasked with sending the girls to their rooms. The two told her that they knew the way and she left them to it.

Chapter 8

Later on as the two begin their escape, Stiletto encountered Lilith in the lobby of the floor they were on. She told her to return to her room or she would open fire, even staring at her when she tried to come up with an excuse to distract her. As the fire alarm went off, she pointed her gun toward where the direction of the room it was coming from, only to be fired on by Namah who had acquired her own gun. Namah continuously sprayed the gas all over her in a crazy frenzy, proclaiming herself as the terror of the tower.

After Lilith pulled Namah away in order to begin their escape to the elevators, Stiletto activated her power, slashing at the gas which seemingly ends up hitting the doors to the elevator Lilith went to but just after it had already taken off.


Sedation Gun: A seemingly standard-issued weapon for all guards, it has a white cylinder-body with a yellow nozzle and tube that is attached to the holster that stores the gas it fires out. The gas is meant to calm the body of whoever inhales it so they can easily be apprehanded.

Power and Abilities

Unknown Power: Stiletto, when enraged after being gassed by Namah, activated her "Power" which through unknown means allowed her to damage an elevator door, causing the front to burst through.


  • It is likely that Stiletto is one of the Dark Dreamkeepers that work with Ravat, Tinsel and Wisp, as a poster for the series shows her alongside them with one other Tower Guard.[1] As she showed no hesitation in using her Power after becoming enraged, this may further show evidence that she would have been restrained from killing beforehand.


  1. Dreamkeepers Poster


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