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Silk is a waitress at Scinter's The Underground Nightclub.  She is also member of Troika who was involved in Operation Guillotine, with her task being the assassination of Haeginsworth.


Silk swatch

Silk's swatch art.

Silk resembles an anthropomorphic lopeared rabbit, having long ears, mostly white fur with a bushy tail. On her cheeks are upsidedown markings of the ace of spades. She has pink eyes with red pupils, possibly albino. She first appears in volume 3 wearing a standard waitress outfit of a corset and gray thigh-high tights with diamonds going up the sides.




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At some point, Silk joined up with Troika and served as an undercover employee at a strip bar that Indi and Digo were known to go to. As it was known by them that Attorney General Haeginsworth was a Dark Dreamkeeper, she was assigned to continually monitor him during their dates.


One day at the bar, Silk would pass along a thumb drive she received from Nainso Ziska to Indi, which contained an audio message for Igrath.

Volume 4

Chapter 10 - 12


Silk reacting to Kalei's sudden Power use.

Silk was first seen attending a meeting with Igrath and Scinter regarding on how to kill the attorney general, as part of a special operation to take down all the Dark Dreamkeepers currently occupying Anduruna. Later, she and her fellow soldiers reacted to Kalei's unexpected use of her Power by activating their own.

She was later seen at the strip bar owned by Troika, with an updated assignment to carry out Operation Guillotine by killing Haeginsworth. There she watched him drink some unprocessed Fermentae. After realizing what she was trying to do, he attacked her before being restrained at knife-point by another. He proclaimed that whatever tactics they have it would not work since there was no cure for the nectar, however Silk told him that they have a vial that would end his life quickly and painlessly but will only give it to him after he tells them about Nabonidus.[1]

Power and Abilities

Unknown Power: When Kalei unleashed her Power on everyone, Silk reacted by activating her own, spawning a Halo above her head. It is currently unknown what sort of Power she possesses.


  • Like the rest of Troika, it is not yet known when she joined the resistance or why.
  • Is a bartender and server for the strip bar. It is not yet clear if she has performed other duties for the bar.
  • It is currently unkown how long she has been monitoring Haeginsworth.
  • Usually seen staying close to an ox dreamkeeper, who is also a member of Troika and possibly a bouncer for the bar. He was also standing outside Silk and Haeginsworth's private booth and rushed in at knife point when trouble occurred.


"Perfect. We'll have to change the upholstery now."


  1. Volume 4 Chapter 12


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