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Volume 3 (Chapter 8)

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Scythe is a Dark Dreamkeeper who works as a subordinate for O'Naicul of the Neon Knives, acting as like his right-hand man.


Scythe has a reptilian-like appearance, and is based on a golden tegu, or monitor lizard. He has black skin with pale yellow markings underneath his golden-yellow eyes and along the back of his long broken tail. He wore a brown leather hat with a white rim, a gray tattered business shirt, a white tie and dark gray pants.


Scythe was shown to speak very little words, as he keeps it simple enough for his boss' clients to understand what they are in for.




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Volume 3

Chapter 8

As Bast was being harassed by Vox, Scythe overheard that he had news regarding the "kids" his boss was looking for. Using his power to calm Vox down, he proceeded to lead Bast to his boss' office, telling him to be careful or else he'd be eaten.

Shortly after as the talk ended with O'Naicul attacking Bast, Scythe and Vox joined in to try and kill Bast before he could escape.

Chapter 9

During the scuffle, the Anduruna Shock Troopers were called in to subdue anyone using powers and one of his energy rings ends up flying downward and killing several troopers and injuring others. He and his companions are then presumably shot to death by the troopers as they opened fire on the upper area of the building complex.

Volume 4

Based off illustrations, as well as documents from Troika and word of mouth from Cal of the Central City Authority, Scythe has managed to survive his encounter with the shock troopers and was arrested and later released under order by Antioch. Currently he is preparing for what maybe a battle along with the rest of his allies.

Power and Abilities


The deadly effects of his Power.

Razor Energy Ring: True to his name, Scythe's "Power" allowed him to conjure up energy rings with incredibly sharp properties that allowed him to cut anything it hits. It can easily slice through flesh as well as steel plating. The rings conjured up can be large in size or even be small enough to encompass another's head, possibly indicating he can shrink the ring at will. He first used this on Vox to calm him down after he went nuts over Bast.


Scythe and Vanth both have long fingers that make shirts difficult to wear. They are often seen together with Vanth fussing over Scythe.

The name 'Scythe' bounced around for a few years before settling on this character.



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