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Muliebral is a nursemaid who helped take care of Lilith and Namah as children. She also helps in keeping their level of Sabbaton Towers clean for Viscount Calah.


Muliebral has a somewhat short stature, being a head shorter than fellow co-worker Woods, having mostly light-peach colored fur with a mask-like pattern across her face. She has a short snout, round ears and a large bushy purple tail which match her pony-tail. She wears a blue maid gown with a white apron.


Muliebral is shown to be very patient when it comes to performing her job and when around others. With Viscount Calah she can be annoyed by his decisions when it comes to his actions or with his children but will do whatever he may ask, while with Tinsel she does what she can to hide her resentment of her. Around Lilith, she treats her very kindly as she is very innocent herself and will often try to give her advice given Lilith's knack for learning. With Namah, she tries to keep up with her continuing antics and escapades. While she can be pushed to a degree she does at least sympathize with her being always cooped up in her room with little freedom outside it. In both cases she can almost be seen as like a mother to them both in their own unique ways.

Muliebral tends to share the same responsibilities as Woods, Bill and Damon, who are Tower Guards assigned to watch over Namah. She will often socialize with them over recent activities by the Viscount or Tinsel, sharing in their dislike for Tinsel and making fun of her whenever something bad happens to her. In ways she may hold a bit more authority over them at times and is the least susceptible to Namah's antics.

While she does try to keep her resentment of Tinsel hidden from her, when threatened to the point of humiliation she will not hesitate to yell back at her.[1]

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It isn't exactly known when or how long Muliebral has been a nursemaid, either before or after the birth of Namah since she is one of the few people (the others being Bill, Damon and Woods) who are aware of Viscount Calah's secret affair.



  • Muliebral has yet to appear in the main story, if at all; though given the recent events in the Prelude it might very well explain what happened with her before the main story that may cause her absence.
  • In the Prelude comics, Namah is unable to pronounce Ms. Muliebral's name. It is different each time.


  • (to Lilith) "Always remember, 'the help' cleans up the dirt. We know where it is."[2]


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