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Volume 2 (Chapter 4) (Flight-form)

Volume 4 (Chapter 12) (actual)

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The Mokoi is a mysterious creature that was summoned on occasion to act out on assassinations. Its method of being summoned makes it questionable of it's a Nightmare or something else.



The Mokoi in full form.

The Mokoi has an unnatural appearance that makes it look nearly insect-like, but more close in likeness to how Nightmares can appear. While its face appears to have a singular eye with two fangs, it is latched onto it with six limbs gripping the back of its head. It has about six limbs, with two of its arms on its back and its feet have two large nails per foot.

While its face is separated from the main body, it assumes a moth-like form where four of its limbs are present, it sprouts two pairs of wings on its back while growing a long tail-like appendage.


While the Mokoi appears incapable of speaking, it is capable of understanding simple commands.



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This article contains actual spoilers from both GNS and Prelude that may reveal major plot points and hidden character information. If you wish to be saved from the nightmarish reveals, tread carefully and read at your own risk!

Volume 2

Chapter 4

The Mokoi, or at least part of it in moth-form, arrived at the safe house that Igrath was hiding out in along with Scinter and Grunn, as well as his nieces and Mace. As it tapped the window to try and get in, Igrath and the others took immediate action in order to protect themselves and save the kids.

It's unclear what happened during the encounter though it presumably left as its intel would have allowed the CCA Shock Troopers to find them later.

Volume 4

Chapter 12

Close to the end of the volume, the origins of where the Mokoi come from are hinted at through a meeting between Ravat and Scuttler. Ravat was carving up what appeared to be a summoning circle that when completed, it summoned the Mokoi to him. Being told simple commands to go find Mace and kill him, it released the moth-like creature that clinged to its face and it flew off to find its mark.

Power and Abilities


The Mokoi in its flight form.

Unknown Ocular Ability: It would seem that the Mokoi possesses a strange power that involves making direct eye contact with it, as Igrath was quick to divert Mace's gaze at it. Being that it was the moth-like face it spawned that was the root to this, the eye may have some kind of ability that can cause death with ease.

Flight: The Mokoi is seemingly able to operate by having its face come off the main body and take the form of a moth-like creature that can sprout wings and fly off.



Mokoi Swatch Art

  • A drawing of the Mokoi appears on the title page of Volume 2 alongside Nabonidus, Wisp, and Tinsel before the full-bodied character appears in the series.



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