Marcus Adhil



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Personal Status



Halcyon Adhil (brother) [1]

Power and Weapons

Tactical Telekinesis[2]

First Appearance

The Wayward Astronomer

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Marcus Adhil is the twin brother of Halcyon and is a character in the upcoming novel, The Wayward Astronomer.



Full-body shot of Marcus.

Marcus shares a similar appearance to his brother, while having white skin with red highlights around his black eyes with yellow irises, short red hair and red claws. Unlike his brother, he has three long tails which is still unsual for a normal Dreamkeeper. While the original artwork by Elson Wong showcases him in a heavy black suit, new artwork by David and Liz Lillie shows a slight change in style and color. In this style he wears a long-black button coat that goes down past his legs, with white pads on both his shoulders, over a black buttoned vest, black pants, a black belt and a red cloth just below his neck. In all concept art of him, he is shown to wield a cane with a purple gem on the top of it.


Nothing is really known about his personality at this time, though it may appear that he and Halcyon do not get along well based off his concept page.


As currently The Wayward Astronomer has yet to be published and is currently being funded the information will be limited during and after funding to avoid any major spoilers out of respect to the author.

Power and Abilities

Tactical Telekinesis: Marcus' Power involves being able to manipulate objects through some sort of mental process. At this time it's not shown how effective or how exactly he uses it compared to what he may have done in the novel, but otherwise his most recent piece of artwork shows him levitating small crystal fragments in his hands. While active a light-red halo appears above his head.



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