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Leslieanna is a student who attends the Tower Academy with Lilith and is one of Stacephanie's closest friends.


Leslieanna is a feline-like Dreamkeeper, having light-violet fur and a long fluffy tail, light-blue eye-shade on her eyes and two pink blush-marks on her cheeks. Apart from that she wears the standard Tower Academy uniform, consisting of a white shirt, red vest, purple tie and skirt. While attending a special event for Tinsel Nanaja, she was shown wearing a pink t-shirt with an image of Tinsel on the front, purple pants with Tinsel's image embedded on the front on each leg, and dark-orange tint shades whose frame has Tinsel's head over the center while the lens are meant to resemble her breasts.


Leslieanna is described to be like Ashleybelle though unlike the rest of her friends, she has had little appearances overall to where the overall extent to her personality isn't shown. Like her friends, she does show envy for Lilith for being the Viscount's daughter and is shown to think of her as like a "booger" given her fur color.

Out of all her friends, Leslieanna is the biggest fan of Tinsel, as evident when she skipped a day of school just to attend a special event at the mall just to pre-order the latest album release. Despite causing her friends to think she doesn't care for them enough and even insult her when she's not around, she is very considerate for them as she even got them pre-orders when she thought they weren't going to show up with her and was happy when they arrived later that day.



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During a day of school, she and her friends were surprised to see their new teacher, Hallworth, who started a lecture regarding the battle against the Extollo Dreamkeepers and Stacephanie continually interrupted her and Lilith's inquiry of it, demanding the lesson to be over as it was nearly lunchtime. As Hallworth did not back down and insisted they actually learn from history, Leslieanna moaned that they were all going to end up like Lilith, much to her confusion. Later as they try to get Evzen's attention, she, Ashleybelle and Triffany complained how he only wanted to speak to Lilith despite believing that she was ugly.

At at later date, she, Leslieanna decided to skip school in order to attend a special event at the mall, commending the recent release of Tinsel's new album. She was happy to see her friends showing up after all and presented them with pre-orders and reviews she got for everyone. After informing her about what the twins told Stacephanie, she told her to relax since the big mall event is about Tinsel. Just as it seems Stacephanie was calm enough to wonder how the album will be based on reviews, Triffany shouted at her after finding 'her' mirror at a store labeled Triffany's, causing her to snap.





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