Halcyon Adhil





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Calypsa University



University Student

Personal Status



Marcus Adhil (brother) [1]


Anduruna (Calypsa District)

Power and Weapons

Light Detection

First Appearance

The Wayward Astronomer

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Halcyon Adhil, or Hal for short, is an astronomer in search of a meteorite that fell near his observatory in the Starfall Mountains, and is the main protagonist of The Wayward Astronomer. He is the twin brother of Marcus.



Full-body shot of Halcyon.

Halcyon has a very peculiar form apart from most Dreamkeepers. He mostly resembles like a prehistoric raptor with mostly black skin, green-skinned hands, green highlights around his yellow eyes with orange irises, and white feather-like hair in a short mohawk fashion. He mainly wears a bright-brown zipper jacket with a large collar around the neck and wrists, while wearing a white t-shirt, black cargo pants and having white cloth padding around his legs.

What makes him seemingly unique in this regard is his tail. His tail features a seemingly living entity that has four red eyes, sharp teeth and a white mane on the back of its head. Right now it is unclear that it can talk and/or have a will of its own apart from Hal's.


Halcyon is described to be someone who enjoys looking up into the sky to gaze at the stars along with his fellow astronomer, Miriel. He also appears to be against the government regulations on Power usage as being settled outside the city means he can use his Power freely.[2]



SpoilersIncoming HOLD IT, reading powers are restricted beyond this point!

This article contains actual spoilers from both GNS and Prelude that may reveal major plot points and hidden character information. If you wish to be saved from the nightmarish reveals, tread carefully and read at your own risk!


Incident in the Mountains

Chapters 1 - 3

Power and Abilities

EM Detection: Halcyon's Power enables him to see various light sources based off the EM Spectrum. This can pertain to any light within the immediate area or what his vision can normally allow, but is capable of clearly seeing as much as supernovas forming in the depths of space. When active a white halo appears while having a rainbow-esque aura around it.

  • Enhanced Senses: As his Power involves being able to see all forms of light, this would increase his sensory abilities further than normal. At best he can gaze deep into the recesses of space and see the various light sources to be found, a feat that would normally be possible with a telescope.


  • In Volume 4: Chapter 10, a Dreamkeeper that heavily resembles Halcyon (or rather his original design when he had black feathery hair) can be seen, presumably as a teacher or escort to students visiting Sabbaton Towers.[3]
  • Halcyon may be the first named Dreamkeeper (outside of both the Graphic Novel and Prelude series) to possess more than one head on his body, while being the second overall as the first Dreamkeeper to have multiple heads was an unnamed female Dreamkeeper in Volume 3.[4] Incidentally the aforementioned Dreamkeeper that resembles him in Volume 4 has the same kind of tail as he does.


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