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Temple Serpent (2013)

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Ghost is a Dreamkeeper who lives alone in the ruins of an old temple, who appears to be close friends with Wisp.


Ghost appears to have mostly rodent-like features, having round ears and a small snout, with a long tail. He wears a long-sleeve robe that appears to be worn on the end of the sleeves and appears to be wearing shorts.


Despite appearing to want to live in solitude, he doesn't mind the company of Wisp, who is shown to visit him quite often to see him create giant monsters from the very ruins he lives in, in exchange for her hugs that she gladly gives and with her duplicates. He also seems quite proud of his creations.


Temple Serpent

During what appeared to be a meditation period, he received a visit from Wisp who wanted him to give her another monster. He agreed to do so but at the cost of three hugs, which she gladly accepts after splitting into three. Concentrating his Power he created a giant serpent made from the temple ruins, which delighted him while leaving Wisp in awe.

Power and Abilities


Ghost using his Power to create a stone serpent.

Stone Constructs: Ghost appears to be capable of manipulating stone and constructing them in a way that he is able to create giant constructs that appear to be fully alive. His constructs even gain all the bodily features that the actual creature would have.[1]

  • Serpent: The first to be seen "monster" at the time of his introduction was a large serpent-like construct. Its body is composed of multiple block segments with scale-like appendages along its back, two circular objects that make up its eyes and what appears to be condensed vines for a tongue, while also being covered by them all over its body. The head seems to be separated into two parts, for both the upper and lower parts of its jaw, while also sporting fangs.

Great Power Intensity: Given his age and the size of what his creations can reach, it can be assumed that he has a much higher Power intensity than most as it would have to require a lot of concentration to create such large creations.


  • Despite Wisp's status as a Dark Dreamkeeper, her relationship with Ghost is perplexing as at the moment, Ghost doesn't appear to be malicious or have any harmful desires like some of her affiliates. In addition, while being around him she is at her most docile, especially after splitting herself up. Whether this is before or during her time as a Dark Dreamkeeper is uncertain.


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