Fermentae is an alcoholic beverage that can have any flavor.[1]


Hands down the most popular adult beverage in the Dreamworld, fermentae can be carefully crafted to retain almost any flavor. Caramels and candies, fruits, vegetables, wood, blood, freshly tilled earth... Any substance containing moisture can be sapped through the unique brewing process behind the drink.

Diony Seeds

Derived from diony seeds, great care must be taken when raising the plant itself. Diony plants will ravage nearby fauna and gardens if left unchecked, and can be a nuisance to remove. They don't damage nearby greenery directly, but by sapping moisture from the ground. Voraciously consuming every bead of wetness in their environments, the liquid is absorbed and stored in their root system, comprised of one hyper-porous seed. The amount of moisture absorbed by the seed can be stupendous - one plant was recorded as containing over two hundred and thirty-six gallons.

Regardless of how much the seed absorbs, the diony plant never grows substantially larger - everything is stored, ever more pressurized, in the modestly proportioned seed. Tightly compressed, the moisture is refined into a nectar - the higher the internal pressure, the richer and more potent the nectar. When the plant dies at the end of its one year lifespan, the stem wilts and detaches from the seed - releasing all of the stored moisture in an abruptly spectacular spray. Germinated with microscopic diony seeds, the squirted nectar sows the surrounding ground with the next year’s diony plants.


The culminating spray of nectar, or fermentae, has a pleasurably intoxicating effect when ingested. The first hapless Dreamkeepers to learn this died horrible deaths, as the moisture was drained from their bodies over the weeks by the tiny seeds growing within them. Raw fermentae is inevitably lethal. However, some determined soul soon discovered a method for making the nectar safe to drink.


By either boiling or freezing fermentae, the microscopic seeds are destroyed. Each technique gives the fermentae a different flavor, and is referred to by a different name.. Frozen fermentae is 'Forreyd', and boiled fermentae is 'Shayed'. After learning this, more experimentation began with the beverage. Dreamkeepers tried growing seeds in different types of liquid - diony can grow in fruit juice, coffees, saltwater, gravy, jelly, anything that contains moisture. The nectar will derive flavor from the moisture it is grown in. The techniques for creating and purifying different flavors and strengths of fermentae has become very refined over the ages.

Known Brands


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