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Mace is one of the main characters and the protagonist of Dreamkeepers. He lives at Grunn's Orphanage before a tragedy took place there and is currently on the run. He meets friends on the way, and maybe a rival as well.

Mace appears to be more of a feline hybrid with a raccoon’s tail. He has marine blue pupils, large ears, and has brown triangular patches on his white fur body. He usually wears a tan colored winter jacket, and beige cargo shorts. In the prelude, he wore a red hoodie sweater. He is one of those DreamKeepers who appears short in height.

As an optimist, Mace is always the one to look at the bright side of things, with his physical resilience to match his similar emotional endurance, it's no wonder why he’s the light-hearted mischievous joker from the characters in the series. He is rarely seen moping around, but rather spending his time enjoying life and plotting his next big plan. The mischief and odd happenings that occur around him have given him an ill reputation with his peers and mentors.

However, this oddly doesn’t earn him an attraction to the girls he met on his way, and would rather chose Whip for his cuteness and cuddliness. Ironically, Mace has few friends that he knows he can trust on and share with his adventures. Despite his cheerful side, he shelters a fragile sensitive side that he rarely exposes to others; he doesn’t want seeing them hurt or tortured, and would try to protect them and keep their promises as best as he could.

Like Bast, he's is a troublemaker from the law as well and treats them with impunity. However, instead of resulting in rash decisions and violence, he tends to escape and solve them in a hilarious way.

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