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Bast is one of the main protagonists in Dreamkeepers. He carries a dark mysterious past while ending up being involved with disturbing events surrounding his eventual friends.

Bast seems to appear like a raccoon hybrid with a wolf's tail with dark brown-white stripe patterns, got yellowish eyes and red-orange pupils. There's somewhat three to four fin shaped furs sticking out on his back. He wears a long red scarf around his neck, gray sweater, red gloves, beige pants with red legwarmers/socks, and white fabric shoes which are triangular in shape.

Being an introvert is one of the features that can be seen from Bast during both in prelude and in GNS. Even though he has his friends and company with him, he still prefers to be alone and have some time for himself, and usually he doesn't talk that much often. Not everything has its disadvantages, keep in mind; it made him a strong independent person that can survive on his own and can perform tasks by himself easily.

Also, being a rebellious individual is another trait of him as well. He doesn't usually follow orders that easily and tends to break them; he may believe that his way is the "right" thing to do and some of the laws and regulations are not acceptable all the time. If something doesn't agreed on his way, he usually resolves them in aggression, drastic actions, or violence. This makes him unlikable and difficult to understand in the group, and only a few people are kind to him.

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