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Viriathus, often called Vi by her friends, is a lieutenant of the Troika. First introduced in the Prelude series, she's one of the older orphans, like Robert.

Viriathus appears close to a rabbit or feline-like Dreamkeeper with her ear inverted inwards. She has pink fur, with her black hands, a black line on her tail and black tips on her feet. She also has a black mark on her left eyes. She has a small chest and is complexes by it, since boys don't look at her a like a true "girl".

In the Prelude, she wore a forest green tank top and blue denim shorts. Since joining Troika, she is mostly seen in military-wear, such as a dark-green vest that goes up to her waist-line, camouflage shorts, knee-pads, red-lens goggles and wears what seems to be spare ammo on her legs; in addition she was shown to wear the standard Troika uniform with the logo on the back.

Viriathus has a strange personality. She can be nice at first then go crazy in a second. It had been proved several times in the comic. However, her most dominant feature is her tomboyish personality that includes her wearing masculine clothing, and engaging in games and activities that are physical in nature and are considered to be unfeminine or the domain of boys.

Despite Viriathus' tomboy like demeanor, she secretly frets over her physical appearance and clothes. She is particularity frustrated with the growth of cleavage and she still gets offended if somebody calls her a "boy", which still proves that she still has a side of femininity. Her dream, up to the events thus far in the prelude series, was to become a fashion designer, inspired by the success of Tinsel Nanaja, a dream that the events of the graphic novel series suggests may not have been realized in given her position as a lieutenant and her otherwise military paraphernalia she is often seen in.

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