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Lilith Calah is one of the main protagonists in Dreamkeepers, who lives in Sabatton Towers as one of the two daughters of a well-known politician.

She’s one of the dreamkeepers which appears to be non-hybrid looking. Apparently, she dominants feline breed, green neon in color with darker green patches on her skin. Her pupils are magenta in color and her long hair in dark green. Her attire changes from time to time, but she usually either wear something brown, or purple/pink in combination of top and bottom. In the prelude, she often wore glasses and sported pigtails.

Lilith is one of the most kind individuals seen in the series. While raised to be a thing of beauty for the sake of her father's campaign, she's not a selfish person and is easily understanding of others whenever she or someone makes a mistake; such as when she bumped into Mace for the first time and got gunk on her. She did not get angry and accepted whatever apology he gave entirely. She is able to maintain a sense of beauty to her overall appearance without trying to really do so for other people's sake as she just tries to be as regular about things as she can while being a nice person.

Lilith is considered to be like a bookworm in the aspect of her intelligence and desire to learn. Even as a child she took a liking to reading and often goes to the library to check out books or scrolls. She loves being able to figure out hard problems and analyzing situations, though this all tends to be seen as weird to other individuals who aren't into these hobbies. This also makes her out to be a rationalist as she always takes reliance on a proper belief or action during certain situations. Based on reason, rather than personal experience, she is able to provide a primary basis to her knowledge. It has its downsides though, as she tends to over-analyze things sometimes, and may be weak in taking certain drastic actions or other options when needed.

Regardless of how she truly thinks of Bast, she still treats him like any close friend in that she would try to help him in any way she can. She also considered Mace to be a close friend during the time they've been together since the problems Mace experienced tied in with her own she felt willing to help him clear his name of having been accused for murder. She is also very protective of her sister, Namah. Ever since they were children she would do things for her such as visiting her in her room to talk or even read books to her. She was responsible for convincing her father to at least give Namah an education despite her intuitive and deceptively vast intelligence. Their roles, however, are increasingly becoming reversed as times change and the duo are increasingly put in more and more danger, to where it seems she may rely on Namah more than ever before.

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