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Robert Frederick, often called Bobby by his friends, is an orphan who used to live at Grunn's Orphanage for a long time before leaving. It was recently revealed that like Viriathus, he joined Troika as a soldier.

Robert resembles that of a feline-Dreamkeeper, having almost a cheetah/lynx design with yellow fur, however having blue spots all over his body. He also has dark-blue highlights around his eyes, muzzle and on the tips of his ears; as well as a small tuft on top of the light-blue end point of his tail.

During the prelude, he wore a white t-shirt under a brown-open jacket with dark-colored sleeves, and brown pants with various patches sewned on. After joining Troika, he started to wear the standard soldier jacket while also wearing a belt around his waist. During the infiltration of Sabatton Towers he wore a blue-casual business suit as a disguise for a CCA investigator.

Being the oldest, Robert is generally seen as a role-model to the other orphans for being the one to look after them or help them out at times when he's around. Although most of the time he tends to be in the city, away from everyone in order to be with his girlfriend instead of working. While his efforts are often appreciated by his peers, he often lands himself into a bit of trouble, whether it be doing other's chores by himself or receiving a beating from Grunn. Also, being the oldest, means that other adults would see him as like a teen parent when he's around them.

Robert believes in helping others because it is the right thing to do, despite how often bad things happen to him. At one point he questioned his own beliefs after failing to help the orphans shutdown Grunn's orphanage and receiving a late child support payment bill on the same day, but was able to recover when Mace had similar guilt issues at the time.

While being like a big-brother to all the orphans, given all he does for them, he seems to be especially close with Mace. Generally being seen around him more often during his appearances, their attitudes tend to bounce off each other whenever Mace gets into trouble or is depressed about something, causing Robert to give some advice or aide him in a certain task. He's also formed a somewhat rough but otherwise mutual relationship with Viriathus who seems to be aware of what he tends to do most of the time and often uses violence to berate him for screwing up. Even after joining Troika, their relationship is about as mutual as in the Prelude though she hates to admit that despite him possibly being lower-rank than her that he knows better.

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