Central City Mall

Sabbaton Towers


Prelude strip #347

The Central City Mall is a large shopping area within Sabbaton Towers where residents living there can shop for a large assortment of goods and other luxuries.


The mall is comprised of at least four floors, all set within the cylinder structure that the tower is shaped as so hallways can be placed along the center point, while a large open area, that serves as the main entryway into the mall, with a dome-like ceiling can be seen. Multiple stairways and elevators can be seen that allow visitors to transition between floors, while large signs placed about and banners relating to special events can be seen hanging from the ceiling. In the center of the entrance area, is a large kiosk with folded maps hanging on them for reference.


Given the sheer size of the floor and the somewhat complicated layout that is not fully shown, there are many different shops that are fitted inside, many serving similar functions as each other but of different brands and specialties.

1st Floor

  • Dealer's Den - Unknown Type
  • Expensive Pillow - Bedding Goods and Accessories
  • Logo! - Unknown Type

2nd Floor

  • Cape Clench Comics - Comic Shop (out of business)
  • Faced - Make-up and Accessory Shop
  • Health Stop - Pharmaceutical
  • Young Buy - Unknown Type

3rd Floor

  • Candle-la-bra - Clothing Accessory Shop
  • Game Up! - Gaming Store
  • Media Feedia - Unknown Type
  • The Wear House - Clothing Store

4th Floor

  • Mandy's Candys - Candy Shop

Unspecified Floor

  • Booksplosion - Book Store
  • Ka-Books! - Book Store
  • FaShun! - Fashion Store
  • Poser Panda - Fashion Store
  • Stand N Play!? - Arcade
  • Triffany's - Beauty Accessory Shop
  • Triffany's Also! - Beauty Accessory Shop (sister shop)



The Central City Mall was a major location during the third Lilith and Namah Arc, where Lilith, Kalei and Jeneviv went to obtain the prices for items they were assigned to find. During the time, the twins would threaten Stacephanie, who along with her friends after getting out of class as well, with revenge for what she did to Lilith. Lilith would also obtain a pair of leg warmers in exchange for doing a quick picture for the store she got them from for their publicity.




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